Our Story

If you know anything about our owner you know her life revolves around two things: her family and her hard work. Gretchen is a wife and mom of two boys, Copeland and Keeland. She never stops and definitely is never without the perfect outfit. The world revolves around Gretchen up here, and we wouldn't have it any other way!
Southern Junkiez was established in May of 2013 in order for Gretchen to be able to share her girly side in the barbershop/salon where she worked alongside her Grandpa. Now 7 years later in a fully renovated building she is able to have 5 shop girls and 2 additional hairdressers that all put in the work everyday! This small business located in the square of Pilot Point, Texas is now worn across the nation, and we will forever be grateful for our customers support!